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The Ever Changing Landscape of SEO

fractal-spiralWhen writing content intended for web bots to read, the content writer need not be highly concerned that the writing adheres strictly to the rules of grammar. What is most important is that a web bot does not flag the content as spam. As long as the content is not recognized as spam then the web bot will record the links and key words embedded in the content. This record will then serve to rate the website linked to higher on search engines’ listings when those keywords are searched for. This is one method a SEO Salt Lake City outfit might employ.


The question might arise, what happens if an actual human stumbles upon this content? Although a web bot might not be able to tell if the content is spam an actual human probably will. The concern here is that the human will form a negative impression of the business that the link in the content links to. Although the content is somewhat deceptive in nature this concern is largely unfounded. For one thing, an actual human reading content designed for web bots will likely get bored and move on before they will actually form a negative opinion of the business linked to in the content.


Moreover, most savvy web searchers understand that Utah SEO is a competitive and ever changing art form. As spaceship once instructed me, I must use everything at my disposal and so must businesses seeking to improve their web presence. As it stands now, improving web presence means boosting the website’s priority in search engine listings. In order to do this content must be structured to appeal to the algorithms of the search engines. Of course these algorithms are proprietary information and not exactly understood by SEO outfits. However, there are ways to test search engines in order to form reasonable theories as to the manner in which they function.

SEO Techniques

internet-marketingUtah SEO or SEO anywhere else is about writing content that will show up, prominently placed in a search engine’s listings. But the better search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in order to adapt to the needs of the average person surfing the web. The goal is to provide a list of websites that will actually be useful to the web surfer. If a search engine does not provide useful results then it will be less likely that the web surfer will use that search engine in the future. Because the search engine’s algorithms adapt, so must the SEO techniques adapt for the purposes of increasing the chances that content will receive a prominent listing.

SEO Salt Lake City can adapt to search engine protocols in any number of ways. One way is to know how many times a specific key word should appear relative to the number of words in a particular block of text. Another way is to know what particular key words a web surfer is likely to use when searching for information relevant to the content being optimized for search engines. Pictures embedded in the content also seem to be helpful as does avoiding the use of plagiarism (either intended or unintended). It seems a little harsh to call something plagiarism when it is unintended because there are many common phrases that pop up in different content all the time. However, search engines will look for repeated text and will place such content lower in their listings if detected.

Sometimes it is more important that keywords remain intact than to create content that is 100% grammatically correct. Some writers may have trouble with this concept because it suggests that the actual content is not important for its own sake but only to the extent that it is able to capture the attention of a search engine. But SEO is more of a science than an art in this respect. This must be acknowledged by any content writer.

7 Things To Include in an Email Newsletter

mail contactYes, email marketing still works and should still an essential part of any business’ marketing plan. Knowing what to put in your email newsletter is as important as creating one. They say that the money is in your list, but if you don’t send out regular messages you’ll miss out on the additional income that an email newsletter can generate. It’s important not to over think each newsletter that you send out. Keep them simple, not too long, and always point the reader to something else such as something to buy, share or do.

1. Tips and Tricks (Useful Content) – It’s great to include a list of tips and tricks for your readers in your email newsletter. If you send out a daily newsletter, you could make once a week a list of ten tips or tricks to use that involves putting your services or products to their best use.  Look at our past posts and you can see that we consistently try to include useful content from How to Turn Your Ipad into a Recording Studio to How to Use Hashtags and Increase Your Social Media Presence.

2. Special Offers (Give them a reason to interact) – You don’t have to send out a special offer every newsletter but if once a month or so you offer your newsletter subscribers an offer that no one else is getting just for being a subscriber, you’ll make them feel special. People love the feeling of membership and exclusivity.

3. Engagement Opportunities (The chance to connect with like-minded people can be powerful) – Give your newsletter subscribers an inside way to meet up with you, either through live meet-ups or online webinars. Having one webinar a quarter or more often is a great way to engage your newsletter subscribers. Google Hangouts is a great way to accomplish this. You can even offer Q&A’s.

4. Feedback Questions (People usually love to share their thoughts) – Using your email newsletter as a way to get feedback on potential new products or services is a great way to encourage engagement. You can do it via questionnaire or poll.

6. Testimonials/ Case Studies (Let your readers hear about others that have had success using your services/product) – Including a section for customer testimonials is a great way to recognize your clients as well as to provide social proof to newsletter subscribers who have not purchased from you yet.

7. Legal Notifications – Every newsletter needs to include all legal notifications relevant to anti-spam laws. If you go with the most stringent laws, you’ll be sure to cover all your bases. It’s very important that you include opt-out information that is easy to find in every single newsletter that you send out. Don’t be worried about subscribers unsubbing. It’s better to have a clean list of people who want to be there than a list full of people who resent getting your information.

Ensure that you include a variety of different things in your email newsletter that are designed to get a response and you won’t be disappointed in the results. In addition to the nine items above, never forget to include a call to action (CTA) in each newsletter that you send out. Without a CTA there is no point to the newsletter. So, be clear about that before you start. Sometimes it’s easiest to do this utilizing a Salt Lake City SEO Agency and let them handle all the pieces, while you continue to focus on working with your clients.

The Best Color Schemes For Selling Part 1

colorwheel1In this day and age, advertising can be as simple as filling out a template or website theme. There are gajillions of ways to personalize any theme you create, with graphic design, css and some creative SEO Salt Lake City. However, one of the most important personalization techniques that often gets over looked is the use of color. There are certain color combinations for different niches: food, fitness, technology, health and beauty, automotive, the list goes on and on. In this installment, we will examine the color schemes that are most likely to sell to Google’s industry categories from Google Analytics.

Arts and Entertainment

The current trend here is to have a black background in portfolio sites. A white contrast of text and headlines is stark and simple, and keeps the focus on your art. This makes your images pop out strongly. For entertainment websites, the background is not so important. However red headlines are rather standard. They are warm, loud and exciting.

Automotive Advertising Colors

The automotive industry is culturally geared towards men. This means lots of black, grey and metallic (but not glittery) shades are effective. As far as selling cars, a clean design is most important. This does not have to mean black and white however. You do want a horizontal layout, as this makes cars look nicer. Large, sleek images are ideal, with a stylized background that has a lighter color gradient which gets brighter either towards the car image, or on a horizontal line. So if the vehicle color is navy blue, an aqua tone will work great as the background. For performance cars, black background is a must. As far as automotive service websites, friendly designs are important.

Beauty and Fitness

This category should be very image centered. Clean modern designs are essential if you are selling a trending beauty or fitness product. The hottest trend is a solid white background, with black and one other color for the accent. The “other color” should be a clean calm, almost pastel accent. Or bright pink.

Don’t see you industry category? Don’t worry. The next blog will cover more industry categories and the color schemes ideal for their customers.

Turning Your iPad into a Recording Studio for Podcasts

Ipad-for-recording-studioThe iPad has continued to grow in usability as well as productivity and with the iPad minis, it’s even more portable. With that in mind, we want to highlight the capability of the iPad to be used for your own home recording studio device for podcasts, or even your record your own music. Now obviously the iPad has some limitations, but it is a rather robust platform given its size and mobility. Here are the essential steps in turning your iPad into your own recording studio.

  1. Determine which apps you want to utilize and to what level you want your recording. For recording a podcast, your needs are much different than that of a full-fledge Virginia recording studio like Blue House Productions. You’ll certainly get a more professional sounding recording go to a studio like that, but for the needs of podcasting, it may not be as vital. The apps that you can use range from full featured professional recording studio apps that can be costly, to very versatile smaller apps that will easily push your recording directly to your podcast arena. Here is a list of apps to help you get started:
    1. VR+: Voice Recorder – A very simple and basic app. Allows you to record and append audio in a linear fashion.
    2. Garageband – This one is a little more fully featured – allowing you to record audio and edit it, add music beds and post/upload to iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
    3. BossJock Studio – The perfect all-in-one app. This one has gotten better throughout the years. This app allows, recording, intros/outros, bumpers, background music, file imports and has automatic ducking (background music becomes softer when you push a button to talk)
    4. Pocket Podcaster – This one is a little more simple and basic, but it is an app actually geared towards making podcasts. Allows importing audio files, recording/editing/mixing, and export via FTP, email and Twitter with more options to come including video podcasting.
    5. Mobile Podcaster – This is another podcasting specific app which allows you to record audio, add music, edit as needed and then to post directly to WordPress sites or other sites via ftp or podcast connections.
    6. Spreaker Radio and Podcast – Is a great middle of the road app. Allows you to easily add sound effects as well as connect any external sources and even import audio made from other apps.
  2. Meteor_Mic_straight_on-displayDetermine the equipment you want to use. While you may want to include additional apps for sounds, music, or other additions to the podcast itself, you will want to consider additional external items like mics. Additional apps and equipment are as follows:
    1. SoundSlate – Choose from hundreds of included sounds or record your own. It’s the next best thing to being friends with Michael Winslow! No really, it has a great selection of different noises/sounds from absurd to “normal”.
    2. Sound Byte – Want the sound effects the big boys have? This app provides all the big dog sounds and is very easy to use.
    3. TwistedWave Audio Editor – If the app you chose for recording doesn’t allow editing, then you’ll need this handy app to edit out any slip ups or add in additional tips.
    4. A good Mic – This one is really more preference and what your budget is. Here’s 5 that are very powerful and range from $50 to $300.
      1. CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone
      2. RODE IXY
      3. Apogee MiC for iDevices
      4. Zoom iQ5 Stereo mic
      5. The Belkin iPhone Boom Mic
      6. Ego – After you’ve actually created and posted the podcast, it’s important to track the vital stats so you cansee if you’re actually reaching anyone!


With the right recording app, the soundboard you’re looking for and a good mic, you are ready to use your iPad as your own recording studio for podcasts. You can find any of the apps right at iTunes and the mics on Amazon. Podcasts are a great way to share your knowledge, build your authority, create a following, and just plain have fun. We’ve give you the technology, now you have to determine the content.

Make More Money With Your Online Store

bothFor many business owners, setting up an online store is a great way to boost business. Many modern consumers look online first when shopping. This is easy and saves the consumer a lot of time. Especially when compared to driving from store to store to look at their deals. Online shopping is even faster than good old fashioned phone inquiries. To expand the reach of your business, it is not only essential that you have  a website, but for many retailers and other businesses, it helps to have your goods available at the click of a button.

Where To Begin

There are many easy ways to set up an online store. If your website runs on WordPress, that’s great! WordPress has a super user-friendly ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce. This plugin makes the integration of a online store coincide with your website and comes with all sorts of features. Any features it does not include can be found in additional plugins! Another great platform for ecommerce is Magento. This content management system is solely for ecommerce. Since Magento is 100 % focused on online shopping, you know this system does it well. There are other website builders which facilitate cyber businesses, however, WordPress and Magento are, in my opinion, the best.

Make More Money With SEO

When setting up an online store, you can expect the best return on investment if you have a reputable Salt Lake City SEO company execute an optimization campaign. This form of internet marketing can skyrocket your online store to the top of a SERP for any particular product you offer. Since consumers are more likely to click on the top products first, then your store is more likely to get this web traffic. By getting more web traffic, you products have a higher likelihood of selling more. Now, you are on the path to more money!

How To Use Social Media Groups For SEO

Google+Communities-logo.jpg-200x200Mostly everyone these days has a presence on social media. For a complete social media setup, contact an SEO Utah company. If you are a business owner, you definitely have at least a Facebook and Google+ page. Many average business pages on Facebook and Google+ have very little engagement. Seriously, who wants to be Facebook friends with a plumbing business? Of course, your business needs these pages, and you should definitely be posting regularly to them. That is not the whole picture however. Today, we will talk about how to go about leveraging other aspects of social media for your business.

Find and Join Groups

In Facebook, we call them Groups. In Google+ we call them Communities. These entities are conglomerations of social media users united by a common interest. For business owners and entrepreneurs, including yourself in these groups is essential. All you need to do is find these groups as press the Join button.

How to Find Groups and Communities on Social Media

  1. Go to the search bar
  2. Start typing keywords for your business (eg. plumbing, plumbers etc0
  3. Add localities if the results are too numerous

Sometimes, these groups or communities will require you to wait for approval to join. While this may seem pretentious to some, it actually speaks to the quality of the group you are attempting to join. The group admins who are sticklers about spammers are going to be better for you business in the long run.

How To Use Social Media Groups For SEO

Once you have become part of the group or community, it’s time to start engaging! Anytime you post something on your business page, make sure you syndicate it through your relevant social media groups too! Since you are part of a community of like-mindeds, you will have a better chance of interaction and engagement. Of course, do not go posting your coupons and deals like crazy. Make sure your content is relevant to the groups, or you may get kicked out!

How To Build Your Social Media Presence

Creating-Engaging-Content-1Over a decade after the public launch of Facebook, social media has become a strong habit for most Americans. Instead of flipping through television channels, most of us are scrolling through our Facebook and Instagram feeds. This mindless behavior has even fueled psychological studies at reputable institutions all over the world. Even when folks are watching TV, they can be found simultaneously scrolling through social media accounts, especially during the commercials. This intense user activity can be enough of a reason for a savvy business person to start leveraging the social media world, but there are other reasons too.

Social Media’s Effect On Your Rankings

While Google claims that social media page traffic does not directly effect your website’s rankings, your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profile pages do have an effect on your internet visibility. Since these entities have ridiculously strong domains, a person searching for you business by name will most likely be presented with your social media page listings at the very top of a SERP. Users trust Facebook like they trust their grandmother. So, it makes sense to have a great Facebook page. Since your URL is included on a Facebook page, or really any social media outlet, it is easy for these networks to become huge drivers of traffic to your business web page.

Post Engaging Content

The important piece of building your social media presence come from presenting engaging content. Simply posting often will not do. You need to be posting interesting stuff that will get a reaction from users. Likes, shares, comments , +1s, retweets and favorites are all markers of the success of your posts. If you’re having trouble getting your friends or subscribers to give a hoot about your posts, try throwing your posts into specified interest groups. Google+ and Facebook have groups you can search for by keyword. You may have better luck if you post to interested people.

How Do I Use Hashtags For Internet Marketing

Get-Your-Hashtag-On-684x260Hashtags are a very popular cataloguing system these days. Hashtags are seen mostly on Instagram and Facebook, but are also found in Twitter feeds. More social networks will certainly start picking up on the use of hashtags as their popularity continues to increase. For hashtag strategy and other internet marketing Utah tips, read more of this blog.

How Do Hashtags Work?

When you insert a “#” sign, (hashmark, number sign, pound sign) before a word (no space) you are actually writing a code. You are saying “Put this post in this #__category__”. This is extraordinarily useful for internet marketing. This also has practical uses. Let’s imagine a wedding example. It is the current trend these days for the bride and groom to create a hashtag for their wedding such as#smithjoneswedding. Now, anyone who takes photos and posts them with the text #smithjoneswedding, can catalogue these photos under that hashtag. If you were to click just the #smithjoneswedding hashtag, you would see all the photos that are catalogued under that hashtag.

Using Multiple Hashtags For Internet Marketing

Many times, you will see photos or statuses posted with tons, i mean tons of hashtags. This is a strategy to increase the amount of followers a the posting individual (or company) has. By including several hashtags on a post, you are simultaneously storing that photo or status under all of the hashtags you entered. This method of expanding your audience works wonders. Why? Simply because of the tendency of Instagrammers (mostly) to click on hashtags and review many of the photos that are catalogued under it. When a user sees an incredible post, they are likely to follow that poster. Of course, the more likes, follows, shares, etc, the more popular your posted content becomes. See how it’s all working?

Why is Content so Important?

Why is content so important in the world of SEO.  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  With this free marketing it is very important to have good content.  This allows for one website to promote another website.  With this knowledge lets explore why the content it is so important.






The general public wants to be entertained.  This could be through videos, Facebook, or blogs.  With this we can now make websites and blog post entertaining to keep people coming back to keep reading.  This could be with pictures, putting up videos or using words and phrases that excite and capture the mind and the readers attentions.

Videos and pictures are all good and well but words can capture the mind so entirely.  So lets use words to make the blogs good and websites exciting.  The content needs to be clear and concise but enough to keep the attention of the reader.

The content is what fuels the Google traffic that gets your website up and gets it the attention it deserves.  Its the key words and phrases that pop up in the Google search.  This is why the words are so important.  They are what bring you the search in the first place.  The next step is linking them to a site with similar content so that when it gets searched your website comes up as well.

The content can actually help you to get all the traffic that you want in more ways then the pictures can.  The words are what allow the searches to happen.  This is allows for your site to come up but then once you get the traffic then you can convert into other things that will also help your site.  If this all seems to bee too much then you can always hire a SEO company to do it for you.