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How to Market a Drum Pump Offline

Many of our readers have been making inquiries as to how to market a drum pump offline. This is an interesting request because the process of marketing this particular product offline differs a bit from most other products. The first step in this process requires research on the product itself. Ask yourself, who will likely be using this product and for what purposes? How much does it cost to make this product and how much will you be selling it for? Then ask yourself whether this target audience will be willing to spend this amount and if not what can be done to sell the product within the price range a potential customer would be willing to spend?


Once all this preliminary research has been accomplished the next area of inquiry will involve determining the best offline marketing outlets in which to market this particular product. Offline marketing outlets include print ads in magazines and newspapers, television spots, radio spots and bill boards placed in strategic locations where potential customers will be likely to see and react to them. Obviously, offline marketing will not include online marketing sources such as web pages and social media.

Once the proper offline marketing outlet has been determined through which to market this product the next step is to actually take the right actions in which to market this product through the chosen offline marketing outlets. This might sound a little easier than that it actually turns out to be in actual practice. Lots of ideas sound easier in print form than they would turn out to be in actual practice. That, however, should not stop a person from trying to market a product offline if doing so would result in a profit. And as we all know making a profit is the object of all offline marketing.

Marketing Golf Cart Florida Offline in Port Charlotte

There are many ways to market golf cart Florida offline both in Port Charlotte and anywhere else. The first way most people think of marketing offline is to purchase a print ad in a magazine or newspaper. Many potential customers read these periodicals and will react favorably to the advertisements appearing therein. The second way most people think of marketing something offline in Port Charlotte is to purchase a radio spot. Many potential customers listen to the radio both in their cars and on their clock radios sitting on their night side stands when they go to sleep at night.


Port Charlotte is the mecca for all things offline marketing. This is true for golf carts, golf clubs, golf tees and golf bags. As the readers of the Ideal Offline Marketing Blog are well aware, the state of Florida is home to many world class golf courses. And there is no better mode of transportation down the fairway than a golf cart. But this is not the only use for a golf cart. No, many retired people living in Florida have come to appreciate the sweet ride that is a golf cart for making their way around the retirement community.

Imagine finishing a mahjong game at the rec center, hopping into your golf cart and heading to the early bird special at the diner. Because the golf cart is smaller than most cars it is no difficulty at all to find a parking space. After dinner at the diner its back to the retirement center in your golf cart. All this is to demonstrate that marketing a golf cart offline can be done in an ideal manner. Although the content you are reading now appears online, it could just as easily have appeared in a news paper or magazine.

The Drum Heater Solution

download (1)The Drum heater has come in handy over the years. Think about it. There are barrels of chemicals sitting in warehouses all over the world. Sometimes these warehouses are not heated very well. Now certain chemicals can withstand various temperature changes but others cannot. Some chemicals can loose their effectiveness if exposed to extreme temperatures. For this reason it is important to keep these barrels of chemicals heated at an appropriate temperature in order to prevent a loss in effectiveness. An effective chemical is a marketable chemical as the saying goes and we all want marketable chemicals in order to do the things with chemicals that we want to do.


Warehouses unfortunately are not the only problems in regard to keeping chemicals effective. The transportation of chemicals is also a situation that requires proper attention and perhaps the intervention of a heater. This is because the vessels used to transport industrial drums or barrels are also often no heated appropriately. This could be in the hold of a ship out to sea, the hold of an airplane at thirty thousand feet in the air, the back of a truck driving through the frozen tundra or some other mode of conveyance. These situations also may require the use of a heater.

When chemicals are heated appropriately then they will perform at their peak of efficacy. For this reason it is important that the drums in which they are stored are heated appropriately whether they are being stored in a warehouse or being transported in one of many different forms of conveyance. This is why heaters have come in handy over the years. This is why they presently are handy and this is why they will continue to be handy in the years to come.

The Absolute Truth About Signs and Banners

IMG_0873It is high time we speak the absolute truth regarding signs and banners and what they are really all about. There may well come a day when we must look ourselves square in the face (perhaps making use of a mirror to accomplish this task) and speak truth to power (so to speak). Signs convey information as do banners. That much is known to all and it is perfectly obvious. What is not known as readily is the reason why it was desired that the information be conveyed in the first place. What is not known further are the series of events that led to this desire being formed. Do you see where I am going with this?


I cannot blame you if you do not follow my line of reasoning. Seeing the truth (counter intuitively) is tricky business. It is tricky business because we have all been raised and trained to avoid the truth. The truth is a little too raw for us now. It is a little too real and perhaps a little too painful to endure. But not facing the truth is also painful. It is perhaps not painful in the short term but in the long term it most definitely is painful.

So when we look at a sign and take in the information it was designed to convey we must look past the sign to the truth from which it sprang into existence. We have to do this (with banners too) if we are ever to liberate ourselves from this illusory soup in which we find ourselves swimming and quite literally gasping for precious breath. We all know the truth of which I speak. Perhaps we do not want to admit as much because we then recognize the work that must inevitably follow said recognition.

The Little Drum Heater Boy

download (27)Roughly two thousand years ago in the Holy Land there lived a little drum heater boy. It cannot be said that at this gentle age he did fully grasp the enormity of the events he experienced. But at the same time, he did get the sense that something very special indeed had occurred. To us the story is very familiar. Perhaps the story is so well known to us in these modern times that it could be said of us that we no longer fully grasp the enormity of the events that occurred so many years ago. Let us look more closely at these events and how they touched the boy who is the star of our narrative.



As we know, around that time a savior came into the world. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes a laid in a manger for there was no room at the inn. Far above in the night sky a strange and mobile star came to rest above that sacred location. And wise men from the east saw this star and followed it to its final destination. When they found the babe they paid him homage giving him valuable gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Along with these wise men came shepherds from the fields and others too to see the wonder that had been born that night. Among the others was a little boy who played his drum that had heating elements attached to it in order to keep the industrial chemicals stored within at optimum temperatures. Because you see, if these internally stored chemicals were not kept at the right temperature they might spoil or become otherwise not as potent. And so the boy made sure that they were kept warm as he played.

Using Signs and Banners to Market Offline

IMG_0699The use of signs and banners is the best way to market offline to potential customers. In fact a person living in my neighbor has done a little offline marketing of his own from his very own front porch. In this specific situation his marketing was directed to his neighbor living across the street by the name of Susan. Apparently, this Susan was suffering from cancer or some other serious illness. This neighbor, sensing Susan needed moral support, decided to provide his own moral support by displaying signs directed towards her from his front porch. All of these signs revolved around how Susan had friends and was proceeding apace through her treatment which was I assume chemotherapy.


This neighbor apparently had only the best of intentions. By all appearances his signs expressed a sentiment that came from the right place. But what he did not know was that his signs were making both Susan and the rest of the neighborhood uncomfortable. But the apparent fact that his signs were displayed with the best of intentions made it difficult for anyone to approach this neighbor to tell him to stop doing what he was doing.

My neighbor’s display of signs eventually came to an end. Susan’s treatment apparently was successfully concluded. But more importantly and effectively the home owner’s association contacted the neighbor asking him to cease and desist. Before stopping the neighbor displayed one last passive aggressive sign telling the neighborhood to “Have a Great Day!” This was in response to the neighborhood’s passive aggressive action of complaining to the home owner’s association. It just goes to show that passive aggression begets more passive aggression. Come to think of it, communicating through the use of a sign as opposed to speaking directly to a person is a bit of a passive aggressive action in and of itself.

The Drum Heater of the Sun

download (12)When you walk outside on a bright, sunny day do you know what you are actually feeling when you feel the sun’s drum heater on your face? To fully explain this we must investigate exactly what stars are. At their most essential level stars are simply stuff and gravity. Stuff is atoms. The simplest and most abundant type of atom in the universe is the hydrogen atom which contains one proton and one electron. It should come as no surprise that the main elemental component of stars is the hydrogen atom. Stars begin as huge nebulae of hydrogen which then collapses in on itself due to the force of gravity.


So what about the gravity component? We think of gravity as a force but really it is the effect that stuff has on the fabric of space and time. In its simplest terms, stuff in sufficient quantities will bend space and time. This has the effect of making more stuff fall into and get trapped in this curved pocket of space and time. The more stuff that accumulates in the pocket the more space and time is curved which in turn attracts more stuff into the pocket.

Eventually, when enough stuff gets packed into a pocket, heat begins to increase due to the friction of the atoms bumping up against one another. Finally, when the temperature reaches 15 million degrees centigrade the hydrogen atoms begin to fuse together to form the next most complicated atom which is the helium atom. The output of this nuclear reaction is light, heat and an outward force that keeps the star from collapsing in on itself. Accordingly, when you go outside on a sunny day and feel the warmth of the sun what you are feeling is the output of hydrogen fusing into helium in the sun.

Walk Down To Electrician Ogden Avenue

lightning-bolt-wallpaper-2If one happens to be in the market for an electrician Ogden there are many ways to go about their investigation. The first and most obvious way to track down an electrician in Ogden is to perform an on line search through the use of a search engine such as Google or Bing. The person performing this investigation once the search engine has been called forth to the screen of his or her computer would then enter the appropriate key words into the search engine browser. In this case, the most effective key words would probably be the word “electrician” in combination with the word “Ogden”.


After the key words have been entered into the search engine a list of results will be generated by the search engine. This list of results is produced according to the search engine’s algorithm. This algorithm is designed to produce a list of results that are likely to be relevant relative to the search terms or key words entered into the search engine. Moreover, the list of results will be presented in order according to the perceived relevance of the individual search results.

There are many factors that a search engine will consider to determine the relevance of a search result. The first and most obvious factor is the presence of the key words in the content of the search result. The next most important factor is the presence of referring links to the search result. Referring links are links from other websites that point to the search result. The logic behind this factor is that a website with more referring links will be more relevant because the referring links indicate that other sources consider the referred to source to be particularly relevant.

March to the Beat of a New Drum Heater

drum2It is high time that the readers of the Offline Marketing Blog march to the beat of a new drum heater. Of course this is something easier said than done. This is especially true when the Offline Marketing Blog reader in question has no idea what this instruction would mean in practical terms. However, there is no need for despair in this regard for it is the express purpose of this blog post to explain what this instruction means. Not only will the instruction be explained in detail but there will be a brief question and answer session after the blog post for those of you who require additional clarification.


And so, without further ado let us dive right into the previously promised instructions. First of all, let us further explore just what it means to march to the beat of a different drum in general. The editorial board of the Offline Marketing Blog is operating under the assumption that its loyal readers are familiar with this common term of phrase. That is, the phrase refers to the notion of pursuing a new strategy as to the way some previously executed task had been performed. This might mean coming up with a new procedure on your own or as the phrase suggests, following the lead of another person’s example.

Once one determines their new course of action the next step is to proceed according to that new plan. In the case of the keyword articulated in the title, the first sentence and the heading between paragraph one and paragraph two we must now provide a more specific set of instructions. We all know that the particular product described in the keyword is a type of technology used to heat the contents of an industrial drum. As such, I suppose what I am trying to say here is that the reader should either buy a new one of those or if he or she has never used one before to go out and purchase one for the first time.

Get Yourself Some IT Support Austin Pronto!

creating engaging contentAll of us here at the Offline Marketing Blog highly recommend our most loyal and dedicated readers to go ahead and get themselves some IT support Austin in the year 2017. The reason that we do this is very simple and easily articulated within the context of a blog post that contains between three hundred and five hundred words. So let us get started and not waste any more time to introduce this topic because any additional word we use in this introduction is one less word that can be used to explain this very simple and easily articulated reason.

Why IT Support Austin?

First of all it must be admitted that you really do not need IT support that resides specifically within the city limits of Austin, Texas. This is especially true for those Offline Marketing Blog readers who happen to live nowhere near the city of Austin, Texas. It, however, becomes increasily more true the closer one’s domicile happens to be located near to the city of Austin, Texas. The point that I am trying to articulate here is that you do need IT support, however, it does not necessarily have to be inside of Austin, Texas. The obvious exception to this statement applies to those people who actually live in Austin, Texas.

Second of all (now that we have that out of the way) it must also be admitted that you need IT support because you cannot do it all on your own. It is the assumption of the content creator that any reader of the Offline Marketing Blog is a business owner. It is further assumed by the content creator that the Offline Marketing Blog reader operates his own in house IT department. Anyone who does operate their own in house IT department knows that doing so is a drain both on the company’s finances as well as its human resources. So outsource it pronto!