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The Absolute Truth About Signs and Banners

IMG_0873It is high time we speak the absolute truth regarding signs and banners and what they are really all about. There may well come a day when we must look ourselves square in the face (perhaps making use of a mirror to accomplish this task) and speak truth to power (so to speak). Signs convey information as do banners. That much is known to all and it is perfectly obvious. What is not known as readily is the reason why it was desired that the information be conveyed in the first place. What is not known further are the series of events that led to this desire being formed. Do you see where I am going with this?


I cannot blame you if you do not follow my line of reasoning. Seeing the truth (counter intuitively) is tricky business. It is tricky business because we have all been raised and trained to avoid the truth. The truth is a little too raw for us now. It is a little too real and perhaps a little too painful to endure. But not facing the truth is also painful. It is perhaps not painful in the short term but in the long term it most definitely is painful.

So when we look at a sign and take in the information it was designed to convey we must look past the sign to the truth from which it sprang into existence. We have to do this (with banners too) if we are ever to liberate ourselves from this illusory soup in which we find ourselves swimming and quite literally gasping for precious breath. We all know the truth of which I speak. Perhaps we do not want to admit as much because we then recognize the work that must inevitably follow said recognition.

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