Offline Marketing

How to Market a Tote Pump Offline

It is no simple task to market a tote pump offline these days. Obviously, some products and services are easier to market offline than others and pumps of any sort are no exception to this general proposition. All that being said, when the rubber hits the road, there are products that have to be marketed offline and a successful marketer will find a way to market any product either offline or online (for that matter). Figuring out the proper manner in which to market a product offline is the key challenge involved in this particular conundrum. You might say that this particular problem is the reason that this blog exists in the first place.


The first thing to recognize when trying to tackle this particular problem is that there certainly do exist tote pumps and there certainly do exist customers who are interested in purchasing this particular product. Within this population of potential customers there is a subset that will seek to purchase this product offline (that is, without the agency of a computer). Solving this problem requires a form of communication between the people who sell this product and those who are interested in buying this product (albeit offline).

Therefore, the marketing campaign designed to capture the attention of this offline customer base must contain elements that will effectively capture the attention of this audience in an offline capacity. Of course this can be accomplished through print ads, radio spots, television advertising and billboards. The challenge with offline marketing is that more effort needs to be expended on the part of the advertiser to actually place the advertising in the field of vision of the potential customer. This requires the advertiser to anticipate where the potential customer is likely to look.

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