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Turning Your iPad into a Recording Studio for Podcasts

Ipad-for-recording-studioThe iPad has continued to grow in usability as well as productivity and with the iPad minis, it’s even more portable. With that in mind, we want to highlight the capability of the iPad to be used for your own home recording studio device for podcasts, or even your record your own music. Now obviously the iPad has some limitations, but it is a rather robust platform given its size and mobility. Here are the essential steps in turning your iPad into your own recording studio.

  1. Determine which apps you want to utilize and to what level you want your recording. For recording a podcast, your needs are much different than that of a full-fledge Virginia recording studio like Blue House Productions. You’ll certainly get a more professional sounding recording go to a studio like that, but for the needs of podcasting, it may not be as vital. The apps that you can use range from full featured professional recording studio apps that can be costly, to very versatile smaller apps that will easily push your recording directly to your podcast arena. Here is a list of apps to help you get started:
    1. VR+: Voice Recorder – A very simple and basic app. Allows you to record and append audio in a linear fashion.
    2. Garageband – This one is a little more fully featured – allowing you to record audio and edit it, add music beds and post/upload to iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
    3. BossJock Studio – The perfect all-in-one app. This one has gotten better throughout the years. This app allows, recording, intros/outros, bumpers, background music, file imports and has automatic ducking (background music becomes softer when you push a button to talk)
    4. Pocket Podcaster – This one is a little more simple and basic, but it is an app actually geared towards making podcasts. Allows importing audio files, recording/editing/mixing, and export via FTP, email and Twitter with more options to come including video podcasting.
    5. Mobile Podcaster – This is another podcasting specific app which allows you to record audio, add music, edit as needed and then to post directly to WordPress sites or other sites via ftp or podcast connections.
    6. Spreaker Radio and Podcast – Is a great middle of the road app. Allows you to easily add sound effects as well as connect any external sources and even import audio made from other apps.
  2. Meteor_Mic_straight_on-displayDetermine the equipment you want to use. While you may want to include additional apps for sounds, music, or other additions to the podcast itself, you will want to consider additional external items like mics. Additional apps and equipment are as follows:
    1. SoundSlate – Choose from hundreds of included sounds or record your own. It’s the next best thing to being friends with Michael Winslow! No really, it has a great selection of different noises/sounds from absurd to “normal”.
    2. Sound Byte – Want the sound effects the big boys have? This app provides all the big dog sounds and is very easy to use.
    3. TwistedWave Audio Editor – If the app you chose for recording doesn’t allow editing, then you’ll need this handy app to edit out any slip ups or add in additional tips.
    4. A good Mic – This one is really more preference and what your budget is. Here’s 5 that are very powerful and range from $50 to $300.
      1. CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone
      2. RODE IXY
      3. Apogee MiC for iDevices
      4. Zoom iQ5 Stereo mic
      5. The Belkin iPhone Boom Mic
      6. Ego – After you’ve actually created and posted the podcast, it’s important to track the vital stats so you cansee if you’re actually reaching anyone!


With the right recording app, the soundboard you’re looking for and a good mic, you are ready to use your iPad as your own recording studio for podcasts. You can find any of the apps right at iTunes and the mics on Amazon. Podcasts are a great way to share your knowledge, build your authority, create a following, and just plain have fun. We’ve give you the technology, now you have to determine the content.