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The Impact of Outsourcing

creating engaging contentFor better or worse, outsourcing is a fact of life in modern corporate America. This reality is impactful both upon labor and employers. From a labor standpoint, this can be an unfortunate development because the decision to outsource labor will have a profound impact upon the lives of the employees who held the positions which are to be outsourced. Although unfortunate for labor outsourcing is necessary in many cases because employer companies that cannot compete in the marketplace will not survive to pay their employees. As such, the logic of outsourcing contends that it is better to outsource labor and survive as a company employing some employees than it would be for the company to go out business and have to lay off all of its employees.

It is a Sophie’s choice of sorts because both decisions (i.e., the decision to outsource or to not outsource labor) carry with them grave consequences for the employer. For example, if a company in Austin, Texas makes the decision to outsource its IT department to an IT support Austin, those employees who currently work in that IT department will be forced to change their lives. They will either have to endure a period of unemployment or underemployment which is difficult and perhaps humiliating under any circumstances. In the alternative the outsourced employee will have to seek new employment. This transition can be stressful and there is no guarantee that the employee will be able to make the same amount of income after the transition is complete.

There is, however, an opportunity for the employee to increase his or her compensation. This is an alternative that is not often considered when the scenario of outsourcing an IT department to an IT support Austin is typically considered. But this is a distinct possibility and one that should not be overlooked.