Offline Marketing

The Ever Changing Landscape of SEO

fractal-spiralWhen writing content intended for web bots to read, the content writer need not be highly concerned that the writing adheres strictly to the rules of grammar. What is most important is that a web bot does not flag the content as spam. As long as the content is not recognized as spam then the web bot will record the links and key words embedded in the content. This record will then serve to rate the website linked to higher on search engines’ listings when those keywords are searched for. This is one method a SEO Salt Lake City outfit might employ.


The question might arise, what happens if an actual human stumbles upon this content? Although a web bot might not be able to tell if the content is spam an actual human probably will. The concern here is that the human will form a negative impression of the business that the link in the content links to. Although the content is somewhat deceptive in nature this concern is largely unfounded. For one thing, an actual human reading content designed for web bots will likely get bored and move on before they will actually form a negative opinion of the business linked to in the content.


Moreover, most savvy web searchers understand that Utah SEO is a competitive and ever changing art form. As spaceship once instructed me, I must use everything at my disposal and so must businesses seeking to improve their web presence. As it stands now, improving web presence means boosting the website’s priority in search engine listings. In order to do this content must be structured to appeal to the algorithms of the search engines. Of course these algorithms are proprietary information and not exactly understood by SEO outfits. However, there are ways to test search engines in order to form reasonable theories as to the manner in which they function.