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Which Is Better for Business: SEO or Social Media?

Businesses in Salt Lake City are eager to know what serves their requirements right in this day and age. It is that quest that leads them to this million dollar question; SEO or Social Media? The bottom line is that both SEO Salt Lake City and Social Media have their merits and demerits. It is imperative that SEO Salt Lake City firms consider the strengths and shortfalls of SEO and Social Media before making a choice on which way to go. When all has been said and done, you will find that there is a very thin line between the two; but there will certainly be something that will work for every business on the basis of firm size, response time, target audience and budget among others.

SEO Salt Lake City and Your Business Needs

Perhaps the only meeting point between SEO Salt Lake City approach and Social Media use is the fact that both need high quality content consistently and they take time to yield results; contrary to popular belief that social media does not. The explanation for this is that Social Media requires considerable amount of time to establish a fan base before your page becomes a hit. SEO on the other hand is understandably slow but steady, a grueling and continuous process; thanks to search engines’ changing algorithms.

Talking about content, quality cannot be traded for anything if you intend to stay get or stay ahead of the pack in Phoenix SEO. The same way social media calls for engaging content, SEO needs well researched keywords optimized in the right density and distribution. SEO content enjoys optimization at different levels from the URL, title and the body of the text. SEO analytics give invaluable information on user behavior which is a very important consideration when devising an SEO strategy. Social media follows, shares and the like are also an indicator for a business’ success and how much conversations it is generating.

SEO has a distinct advantage when it comes to longevity of content. A well-researched article that becomes a hit will be referenced for a long time and generate traffic to your website for the unforeseeable future. On the flip side, social media content has a short shelf life lasting even minutes in some cases e.g. Twitter. However, social media is credited for its ability to integrate user-generated content which in many cases will stimulate discussion and create conversations. The more people talk about you, the more the more you build your brand and by extension the business.

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