Offline Marketing

Marketing the St George Shuttle Offline

It is conceivable that someone somewhere would want to develop a strategy for the purpose of marketing the St George Shuttle offline for some reason. The legendary St George is thought to have slain a dragon. According to the many versions of the story there are typically four elements in common:

  1. A town was terrorised by a dragon.
  2. A young princess was offered to the dragon
  3. When George heard about this he rode into the village
  4. George slayed the dragon and rescued the princess


If a person was in the business of marketing the St George shuttle offline, the content of this marketing would be key. When developing content for anything, the content should be created in order to catch the attention of a person who could potentially be a customer who would purchase the product or service for which the marketing is designed to promote. In the case of this particular bus service it makes sense to include the elements of the St George story because people who might use the bus service might be interested in using it because the name of the bus service is unique. They may not know about the story of St George but they might be interested to find out. If the advertisement contains information about the historical figure it might serve to draw their attention to the advertisement. Once their attention is fixated on the advertisement it can then be redirected to purchasing the product or service the advertisement is trying to market.

Offline Marketing for the Wendover Fun Bus

Obviously, this style of marketing does not specifically apply to the service described in the previous paragraphs of this blog post. That service was simply used as an example from which the reader of this blog post can extrapolate out to other similar products or services.