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5 Ways to generate more leads using Social Media

social-media-overwhelmSocial Media can be a tricky avenue to conquer. Some aspects may be easy and others can be down right confusing. Here are some tips and ticks that can help you learn more about Social Media, how to use it and how it can generate leads for you.

1. Cross Promote – When you use multiple social media platforms cross promote your posts and shares. When you cross promote it can increase your click through rate by 150%.

2. Content Creation and marketing – When you are creating content for any social media platform make sure that you have a clear focus. Most social media posts, tweets, or shares need to be short and sweet to get your message across. Be consistent with any social media platform you use.

3. Track your Results- Use social media monitoring. Without monitoring your posts, tweets, shares, etc you won’t know what is going on and what tactics are working for your specific niche.

4.  Make sure your posts are optimized. 44% of online shoppers use a search engine to find what they are looking for. When you optimize all your posts, tweets, shares, etc you will increase your chance of those shoppers finding you.

5. Develop a Strategy. Create a long term plan for what you want to accomplish and then a short term execution strategy for each platform.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your quest to conquer the social media market in your niche. If you would like more help or need more ideas about social media marketing in your area check out SEO Salt Lake City  for more tips and tricks or see what services there are out there to help you.