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How Do I Use Hashtags For Internet Marketing

Get-Your-Hashtag-On-684x260Hashtags are a very popular cataloguing system these days. Hashtags are seen mostly on Instagram and Facebook, but are also found in Twitter feeds. More social networks will certainly start picking up on the use of hashtags as their popularity continues to increase. For hashtag strategy and other internet marketing Utah tips, read more of this blog.

How Do Hashtags Work?

When you insert a “#” sign, (hashmark, number sign, pound sign) before a word (no space) you are actually writing a code. You are saying “Put this post in this #__category__”. This is extraordinarily useful for internet marketing. This also has practical uses. Let’s imagine a wedding example. It is the current trend these days for the bride and groom to create a hashtag for their wedding such as#smithjoneswedding. Now, anyone who takes photos and posts them with the text #smithjoneswedding, can catalogue these photos under that hashtag. If you were to click just the #smithjoneswedding hashtag, you would see all the photos that are catalogued under that hashtag.

Using Multiple Hashtags For Internet Marketing

Many times, you will see photos or statuses posted with tons, i mean tons of hashtags. This is a strategy to increase the amount of followers a the posting individual (or company) has. By including several hashtags on a post, you are simultaneously storing that photo or status under all of the hashtags you entered. This method of expanding your audience works wonders. Why? Simply because of the tendency of Instagrammers (mostly) to click on hashtags and review many of the photos that are catalogued under it. When a user sees an incredible post, they are likely to follow that poster. Of course, the more likes, follows, shares, etc, the more popular your posted content becomes. See how it’s all working?