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SEO Writing Tips

72 ppi Capital Reef Website HeaderIf you can use a keyboard, you can write optimized copy for search engines. By optimizing your site content, you can show up higher on search engine results pages and ultimately increase you customer base, and then your sales. Here we will discuss some major factors of good SEO writing, and the key questions you need to address. If you do not enjoy writing, just hire a Utah SEO company to do it for you.

Make Sure You Have Proper Page Elements

Your meta title, meta description, headlines, and image alt text all need to contain your keywords. Of course do not over use your keywords. Making sure your meta data is programmed correctly helps search engines read your site more efficiently. Not only does your meta code need to be search engine ready, but there are other elements and design tactics you can utilize to increase the readability and popularity of your web page. Some helpful strategical elements include: bullet lists, images, a call to action and a link to the home page.

Answer The Right Questions

In order for you to add value to your web page, you need it to have useful information. To optimize the usefulness of your site, make sure you are writing for the right target audience. Then, make it apparent which problems your site/service/product helps to solve. Also, consider the image you want your website to hold on the internet. Make sure your content is helping to achieve your business goals, and is not just superfluous garbage.

Writing Styles For Optimized Web Content
Make sure your sentences are short. Long, run on sentences are not fun for people, or Googlebots to read. Good use of white space also increases readability. If you need to list things, break out those ordered or unordered list tags. Thus, keep your paragraphs short as well, and plug in a line break between them. Minimize your use of metaphors and exclamation points. This may seem more fun to write, but does not come across as a very professional style. Keep the excitement for the graphics people and call to action.