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SEO vs PPC, Which is better?

seovsppc1-300x188When you are starting a website and want to get traffic to your site there are two ways you can do it. Pay for it through online ads – Pay Per Click (PPC) or you can pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you pay for ad space your website will show up on the very top of the page as well as the side of the page. When you use Search Engine Optimization your site shows up in the “organic” search. The obvious benefit of using PPC is that your site gets exposure from day one. When you optimize your site for the keywords you are targeting it takes a while for your website to climb to the top of the page. Let’s go over the data and see which one is better in the long run.

Search Engine Users Behavior

It doesn’t matter which search engine your customers or clients are using, all search engines work relatively the same. 62% of all users are impatient and only look on the first page of search. Because of this you can see that even if your site is on the top of page 2 more than half of the people searching for you won’t ever see your website. Then only 23% of users will click on links after the first page. Even if people go to the second page, not many are even clicking. You can see that being on the first page is critical to your online success.

The good news is some search engines are easier to rank on than others. You can be on page one on Yahoo and Bing and on page 2 or 3 on Google. It’s important to see where you stand on each search engine platform. 15% of search engine users look on other search engines so if you rank well on Google, but not on Yahoo there is a chance that your users will look on other search engines.

Rate of Investment

So now that we have looked at the behavior of users, let’s look at the ROI. When you are starting a new website every penny counts. Your rate of investment is important to look at. When it comes to SEO vs PPC 40% of SEO campaigns yield returns of 500% while this is only true of 22% of PPC campaigns. So when you invest in an SEO campaign your return is going to be better than just focusing on PPC.

As you can see it is more beneficial to focus on an SEO campaign with high quality keywords than just using PPC. The best strategy would to use a little of both, but still focus more on your SEO. If you are ready to take the plunge and hire an SEO company. Let us know.