Offline Marketing

The Ins and Outs of SEO marketing

florida-seo-companies-hollwood-reparHow To Get  The Most Out Of  SEO

To get the most out of your blog or social media you need to use your key words without  over using them.  this is an ever changing industry.  Once you learn a good way to do things, they change.  As you are putting in your key words be sure what you’re writing is interesting or you will lose followers.

Where Should I Start Marketing

There are so many place to start your  marketing. Blogs and social media are  great places to start.  I would start small maybe one or two things like Facebook and Instagram, and as you get more comfortable with those sites you can branch out.  There are so many site that you can use to get your name out.  Such as ; Linked-in, Twitter, Pintrest and Google Plus.  You can learn how to navigate these sites on your own or you can hire a company  to run them for you like SEO Utah. They can mange all accounts for you.

Why Are Links So Important

Links are one of the most important parts of SEO you need to place them in key points so your blog doesn’t look cluttered.  When you are putting links into your blog  putting them all over the place it is a big turn off.  If your doing your blog for a  business you need to be professional, so keep your links to a minimum,  put them in the place were they make to most sense and will be helpful to your blog and your company.  The most I would put into a post is two or three links.

So if you take nothing else out of this post just remember, don’t over use links  to keep your blog looking tidy.  Utilize all the social media platforms it is free marketing. And keep it professional and interesting so as to not lose followers.