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How To Use Social Media Groups For SEO

Google+Communities-logo.jpg-200x200Mostly everyone these days has a presence on social media. For a complete social media setup, contact an SEO Utah company. If you are a business owner, you definitely have at least a Facebook and Google+ page. Many average business pages on Facebook and Google+ have very little engagement. Seriously, who wants to be Facebook friends with a plumbing business? Of course, your business needs these pages, and you should definitely be posting regularly to them. That is not the whole picture however. Today, we will talk about how to go about leveraging other aspects of social media for your business.

Find and Join Groups

In Facebook, we call them Groups. In Google+ we call them Communities. These entities are conglomerations of social media users united by a common interest. For business owners and entrepreneurs, including yourself in these groups is essential. All you need to do is find these groups as press the Join button.

How to Find Groups and Communities on Social Media

  1. Go to the search bar
  2. Start typing keywords for your business (eg. plumbing, plumbers etc0
  3. Add localities if the results are too numerous

Sometimes, these groups or communities will require you to wait for approval to join. While this may seem pretentious to some, it actually speaks to the quality of the group you are attempting to join. The group admins who are sticklers about spammers are going to be better for you business in the long run.

How To Use Social Media Groups For SEO

Once you have become part of the group or community, it’s time to start engaging! Anytime you post something on your business page, make sure you syndicate it through your relevant social media groups too! Since you are part of a community of like-mindeds, you will have a better chance of interaction and engagement. Of course, do not go posting your coupons and deals like crazy. Make sure your content is relevant to the groups, or you may get kicked out!