Offline Marketing

How To Build Your Social Media Presence

Creating-Engaging-Content-1Over a decade after the public launch of Facebook, social media has become a strong habit for most Americans. Instead of flipping through television channels, most of us are scrolling through our Facebook and Instagram feeds. This mindless behavior has even fueled psychological studies at reputable institutions all over the world. Even when folks are watching TV, they can be found simultaneously scrolling through social media accounts, especially during the commercials. This intense user activity can be enough of a reason for a savvy business person to start leveraging the social media world, but there are other reasons too.

Social Media’s Effect On Your Rankings

While Google claims that social media page traffic does not directly effect your website’s rankings, your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profile pages do¬†have an effect on your internet visibility. Since these entities have ridiculously strong domains, a person searching for you business by name will most likely be presented with your social media page listings at the very top of a SERP. Users trust Facebook like they trust their grandmother. So, it makes sense to have a great Facebook page. Since your URL is included on a Facebook page, or really any social media outlet, it is easy for these networks¬†to become huge drivers of traffic to your business web page.

Post Engaging Content

The important piece of building your social media presence come from presenting engaging content. Simply posting often will not do. You need to be posting interesting stuff that will get a reaction from users. Likes, shares, comments , +1s, retweets and favorites are all markers of the success of your posts. If you’re having trouble getting your friends or subscribers to give a hoot about your posts, try throwing your posts into specified interest groups. Google+ and Facebook have groups you can search for by keyword. You may have better luck if you post to interested people.