Offline Marketing

3 tips to create engaging content

Have you ever thought about what you need to include in your content to increase your search engine optimization (SEO)? It doesn’t have to be rocket science, though it may be intimidating all you need to do is follow these three simple steps to creating amazing content to increase your SEO.

Make images the highlight

creating engaging contentImages are critical to every page and not just pictures but using  pictures to tell a story, relay information, or encourage interaction. Using infographics, charts, or compelling photography that will entice people to share your images. In the craziness of the internet and words being thrown at every person who enters your website, the use of images will capture their eye and hold them on your site longer.


When your content is interactive it will hold the attention of your audience longer than a flat page. Creating an interactive post or page can be as simple as an email subscription or online survey. Give your audience something to do, engage them and they will be more likely to share on social media sites. Not to mention having activity on your site is great of SEO!

Video Presentation

When you put the two previous tips together you get a dynamic visual and interactive design. Including a slide share on your site allows you to tell a stories while engaging your audience. It is easy to inform, creates a rich picture, and is straight-forward. Not to mention your videos can be very versatile.

Creating an engaging site is two fold, when your engaged it will not only help your SEO but it will also increase the amount of time people stay on your site.  If you want more tips and tricks for increasing your SEO or creating engaging content find more information here. You will be amazed at how having the right kind of content on your site will change everything.