Offline Marketing

5 Tips to live by when focusing on Online Marketing

internet-marketingWhen it comes to online marketing there are a lot of ideas of what works and what doesn’t. Some of these strategies do work, others may not. Because search engines keep changing their algorithms some strategies might have once worked, but they don’t work anymore. We have researched and found 5 tried and true strategies to keep in your online marketing portfolio that will give you the most return and won’t become “out of style”.

1. SEO friendly urls. Have all the url’s be search engine friendly. This way it is easier to remember and makes your pages load faster. Here you can even put some of your keywords in your urls.

2. Look at your competitors. Know what your competitors are doing and see what is working and what you can do better. Study your competitors but don’t be a copycat. You want to write articles on your website on hot topics, but make them unique. You don’t just want to copy what others are writing. Take a topic and write about it in your own words. It should be informative and entertaining.

3. Get Backlinks. Backlinks are king. You can post relevant content on blogs and forums with links back to your website. Your content should be linked back to your content or services. Use your link power and link to your home page as well as posts, products or other services that you offer. You can also be a guest blogger on other people’s blog and have them link back to your website.

4. Social Media and Networking. Create a network for your niche. You can do this through blogs, social media groups and online stores. You can share your updates to all your network followers through podcasts, social media avenues, and email marketing. You can also hold giveaways and contests to build your brand. This is a great way to boost your business.

5. Be the Expert. When it comes to your niche write blog posts or social media updates like you are the expert. Focus on your niche and your goals. What do you know and how can you educate those who look up to you. It’s better to have quality posts than quantity posts. Three blogs a week with high quality content is better than having two posts a day with filler content that no one wants to read.

In conclusion, when you follow these five strategies and implement them into your online marketing plan your website will start to rank higher in search engines and in turn your sales or lead conversions will increase. Remember to make your urls friendly, study your competitors for what is working and what isn’t, get links back to your site, create a network using social media, and be the expert for your niche. These five strategies are a must in any online marketing plan.